Aliakbar Anis Valikarimwala

Regional Sales Manager – Middle East & Africa
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Chartered Engineer MCIBSE UK

High energy, innovative and results focused executive with demonstrated accomplishments possessing 18 years of work experience in the domain of Sales & Business Development, identifying and developing strategic business relationships with purchasing organizations, involving with key decision makers within targeted accounts and grow sales revenue within an assigned territory. Good in generating business relationships, presenting compelling presentations and closing business, defining strategic goals, liaising with business partners & stakeholders, identifying new opportunities & keep up to date with market trends.

Expert in creating lasting business relationships and contribute to strategic thinking with clients to ensure an on-going pipeline of projects across the business domain. Responsible for driving team to achieve cash flow, profitability, business goals and objectives. Strong client base across Middle East and African markets. Good communication skills in English.

Saifee Para

Technical Head
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
PMP Certified

Saifee Para is a distinguished professional with over 30 years of experience in the building materials and fabrication industries. Known for his technical expertise and commitment to exceptional after-sales service, Saifee has made significant contributions to the field through his extensive knowledge and hands-on approach.


Saifee began his career in the early 1990s, quickly establishing himself as a skilled engineer in the fabrication sector. Over the years, he expanded his expertise to include building materials, focusing on providing comprehensive technical solutions and enhancing customer satisfaction through superior after-sales service.

Insiya Karimi

Accounts Supervisor
Bachelor of Commerce

Insiya Karimi is a dedicated and experienced Accounts Supervisor with over 12 years of expertise in financial management and accounting. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and strong analytical skills, Insiya plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial health and compliance of her organization.


Insiya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Gujarat University. She began her career as a junior accountant at Gujarat Hardware Agency, where she quickly demonstrated her proficiency in managing financial records and transactions

Hatim Valikarimwala

Business Development Specialist
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Hatim Valikarimwala is a dynamic Business Development Specialist with 7 years of experience in the building materials industry. Renowned for his strategic vision and sales acumen, Hatim has consistently driven business growth and expanded market presence for his organization. Hatim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Gujarat University. He began his career in sales at Najmat Al Hatemi, where he quickly distinguished himself through his ability to forge strong client relationships and deliver exceptional sales results.


Hatim Valikarimwala’s combination of experience, strategic insight, and dedication to business development makes him a valuable asset in the building materials industry. His contributions have not only boosted sales but also strengthened his organization’s market position.

Abdul Wahid

Logistics Supervisor
Diploma in Industrial Safetyj

Abdul Wahid is an accomplished Logistics Supervisor with 9 years of experience in the building materials industry. Known for his efficiency and organizational skills, Abdul ensures the seamless operation of supply chain activities, contributing to the overall success of his organization.

Abdul holds a Diploma in Industrial Safety from Multan College. Abdul specializes in logistics management, supply chain optimization, and inventory control within the building materials sector. His ability to streamline logistics operations and implement effective strategies has led to enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Abdul is also known for his strong leadership skills and his commitment to continuous improvement